About the film

One Piece Film: Red

Release Date: August 6, 2022 (Japan)
Rating: 7.4

Directed by    :   Gorō Taniguchi
Produced by   :   Eiichiro Oda
Screenplay by   :   Tsutomu Kuroiwa
Distributed by   :   Toei Company
Starring    :   Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Ohtani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, Chō, Kaori Nazuka, Kenjiro Tsuda, Shuichi Ikeda
Production company    :   Toei Animation
Languages    :   Japanese

One Piece Film: Red Full Movie, The story is set on the "Island of Music" Elegia, where Uta, the world's greatest diva, holds her first ever live concert and reveals herself to the public. The Straw Hats, pirates, Marines and fans from across the world gather to enjoy Uta's voice, which has been described as "otherworldly". However, the event begins with the shocking revelation that Uta is the daughter of Shanks.

How to watch One Piece Film: Red Full Movie premieres on August 6, 2022 (Japan).

Update: The new Dragon Ball film will hit theaters in the United States on Aug. 19. The movie begins rolling out Internationally on Aug. 18. The full list of dates is below. More information can be found on the Crunchyroll website.

A new trailer for One Piece Film: Red reveals some of the epic fights — in the rain! with dramatic glasses throwing! — as well as the powerful androids that have come to attack the heroes. The synopsis for the new movie is as follows:

Uta - the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, which she sings with while concealing her true identity, has been described as "otherworldly." She will appear in public for the first time at a live concert. As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans - excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance - the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is "Shanks' daughter."

One Piece Film: Red 2022 Release Date

In Japan, the movie will be released on June 11, but the worldwide release will begin rolling out in August. One Piece Film: Red will be available both subbed and dubbed.

One Piece Film: Red Punches Past 1.27 Billion Yen at JP Box Office

After nine days since One Piece Film: Red opened in Japanese theaters, the classic franchise is still lighting up the box office. The official Twitter account for the Toei Animation-produced announced both the up-to-date box office numbers for the film along with the reveal that Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama will be providing the next theater giveaway!

While the above tweet says that One Piece Film: Red has surpassed 1.2 billion yen at the Japanese box office, Mantan Web went a bit further and confirmed that the anime film has reached 1.27 billion yen (US$9.42 million) in just 9 days with over 940,000 tickets sold. While this is a great feat, SUPER HERO is still trailing Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which surpassed 1 million tickets sold in only 6 days after release.

Starting June 25, Japanese filmgoers will receive one of two visual clear boards drawn by Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama as the second theatrical gift. Only 1 million of the visuals will be given out.

One Piece Film: Red hit Japanese theaters on June 11 with Crunchyroll set to release the film in theaters in both subtitled and dubbed formats in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East and Asia (excluding Japan) this summer.

Where to Watch One Piece Film: Red 2022

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Rating:   IMDb  / 7.4